Swiss Jeans Freak

Ruedi Karrer - also known as the Swiss Jeans Freak - was born in 1959 in a little Swiss mountain village. He started collecting heaviest faded raw denim items in 1973 after a his family, which was large and poor at the time, received a clothing donation parcel with 2 Jeans.

In 2001 he opened a little Jeansmuseum in Zuerich with over 16'000 Jeans and denim jackets which can be visited only upon request.

By showing the power of natural raw-denim evolution on his many samples and brands he aims at keeping the raw-denim spirit alive. This non-commercial Jeansmuseum is the only brand independent Denim Museum in the World.

Ruedi turned 60 years old this September and had the idea to create a limited edition of 60 birthday Jeans with the purpose to support the Jeansmuseum.

These 60 jeans were made with the support of Candiani Denim and IMJIT, they allowed his dream to become true.

The sales of this limited edition will help sustain the plan to set up a proper Denim Museum in the heart of Europe since Jeans, being one of the most common clothes in the World, deserve this.

In this documentary video below, Ruedi tells the entire story of his passion and work.

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    One-of-a-kind fit adapted from IMjiT’s relaxed 805 model, otherwise known as "groundskeeper fit" ∙ Wide leg∙ High rise∙ This fit is known for comfort, and is made for movement, making it perfect for both work and pleasure∙ Standard length 34On stocksize 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 36 38Q. disp. 3 5 7 5 1 4 2 1 1

    299,70 €
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