IMjiT35020 - Laboratory

imjit35020 laboratorio

IMjiT, acronym of "Impresa jeans iTalia", has a made a mission of creating and producing the best denim jeans possible; fine tuning each and every detail and single stitch - both inside and out. 35020 is the postal code that identifies our production area: IMjiT is exclusively produced – cut and sewn – by expert hands in our laboratories at Due Carrare. 

The creation of IMjiT jeans is perfected thanks to the feedback received from industry artisans at each and every step.

Our philosophy binds and ensures that we use only natural fibers, cotton and linen.

Each IMjiT35020 was created to preserve and advance our experience as a laboratory by combining a selection of Japanese and Venetian rare selvedge production.

Raw denim: the basis to transmit high fidelity indigo and weaving.

Our tailors in Via dei Grenadiers serves and creates unique items on the needs indicated by any fan.

costruito a mano

Alchemy of art of cut and sew perfectly interpreting the characteristics of the precious selvedge selections.

This happens in the lab where we work

Handcrafted in Due Carrare, Veneto, Italia.