Il mondo IMjiT nasce da costanza, sacrificio e ribellione. La produzione è orientata alla famiglia e i suoi orari.


The smallest complexity takes on great importance.

That's why we take great care every time we create something.

It is about the personal satisfaction of the craftsman deriving from his works .

We are focus restored all tools and machinery.

We invest in new but we work for our heritage.

We create our own tool for originality and tecnique.

IMjiT is born by skills and knowledge form artisans/ Maestranza. 

The mission is save artisans point and create complications that automatization system can't do.

Every artisans is a specialist who follow  personally costumers to create very own jeans, jacket or shirt.



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Costruito a mano Pura

Due Carrare Esperienza

Tecnica Artigiana

Tradizione artigianale contemporanea.